Event Details

Xiamen Stone Fair 2018

Event Date: 06.03.2018 To 09.03.2018
Venue: Xiamen Stone Fair

The 17th edition of the Xiamen Stone Fair (XSF) was highlighted by the introduction of hundreds of new products and designs into the market. Participants gained business contacts, industry insight, and trade opportunity.
In March 2017,the stone industry united in Xiamen, China to encounter the awe-inspiring design potential and growing market-interest in stone. XSF had a total exhibition space of more than180, 000 m2 (1,940,000 ft2).All-time high participation numbers were established with150,290 professional buyers from 148 countries and more than 2,000 exhibitors from 56 countries. 
The Xiamen show carries on its designation as the most international event in the industry. 29,407 overseas buyers represented 20% of attendees. Over 45 global media and association partners cooperated to establish 11 national pavilions, and various buyers' delegations were comprised of 500 international purchasers from 30 nations.
Both exhibitors and buyers experienced prosperity during the show this year. Mr. Shen, CEO of China Xiamen Xia Jin Machinery Inc. said,"Our whole team was very surprised to seethe trading volume of our booth reach US$ 3 million during the four days." The large quantity of purchases reflects a solid, growing interest in stone products. Enes Taskin of Turkish company Aegean Natural Stones and Minerals stated, "Compared to other stone fairs globally, Xiamen Stone Fair is one of the best in terms of scale and level of professionalism."
New Product Selections
Many vendors take advantage of the high concentration of media and professional buyers at the Xiamen show and collectively launch an abundance of the newest products every year. Attendee Ricky Nayar, CEO of Atlas Granite Inc. of Canada, explained, "In today's competitive world, one has to be constantly improving and offering new product selections. Xiamen Stone Fair comes out flying in that regard." Many individuals like Mr. Nayar are repeat visitors, indicating that buyers' expectations are being fulfilled.
Thanks to the efforts of the vendors, innovation, design, and product diversity have all become main features of the Xiamen Stone Fair. Evgeng Dmitriev, a buyer from the UK, stated,"It is truly an eye-opening show for stone and machinery products of almost every kind, from all parts of the world."Exhibitors at the show are consistently outdoing themselves in providing quality selections, and the Xiamen Stone Fair has been the platform of choice for these companies to present their latest products to the world.
World Stone Congress (WSC) & MIA+BSI
With cooperation from associations like MIA+BSI, the Xiamen Stone Fair has not only become a crucial business event. The 50 networking and educational sessions, called World Stone Congress (WSC), received participation from thousands of students, business owners, designers, marketing experts, and architects. The MIA+BSI Reception alone received approximately 175 attendees. 
WSC has established XSF as one of the industry's most social annual events. This year's keystone seminar, the 8th Global Master Architects Forum, was presented by Mr. Yung Ho Chang, who discussed architectural practice and contemporary culture. WSC 2017 was comprised of more than 30 speakers from around the globe. An increase in educational and networking events are anticipated for 2018.