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  • 10,000 copies per quarter.
  • Every quarter more than 1100 copies of our magazine are sent in international exhibitons abroad.

We would like to express you the common reasons for your placing your advertisement in our Magazine – Stone Panorama: -

  • To manage a brand image – Our Magazine approaches to all corporate houses and media groups, so when your ad will flash at these giant places, your product will be enlarged and picture about your stuff, will clear more towards everyone. 
  • To create a vast corporate profile – Our Magazine reaches to all type of business segments, wherever any commercial activity linked with Stone Industry, happens. So, your association with us will bring you in news with more and more companies.
  • To build a huge PR – When we publish your advertisement in our Magazine, we usually publish two page articles also about your company profile, working nature, achievement and future projects etc, so when this information will walk outside, a massive promotion and exposure will follow your organization automatically. Thus your Public Relations will become strong.
  • For global appearance – With a circulation of 20,000 per quarter and readership of near about 75-80,000, your name will easily appear will reflect in thousands of eyes. For comprehensive publicity worldwide, your advertisement with us can help you to demonstrate your real picture across the glob.