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Excitement is in the air in Dubai because it is only two years until the next edition of the world expo and the city is already buzzing. This is partily because dubai expo, the first to be held in the Middle East or in an Arab nation, will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates. It will give the host country the chance to show off its rich tapestry of traditions, the uniqueness of its landscape and the elegance of its distinctive culture. At the same time it will also give Dubai the chance to promote itself as a centre of innovation and modernity, capable of interacting with the international community and of facilitating the exchanging of ideas, projects and knowledge between different nations.
For some time now the nation’s authorities have set a number of important building and modernistation projects under way to ensure the city is ready to host such an imporatnat event. 
First and foremost, work on the site of Expo 2020, chosen mainly for logistical reasons, midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi extends for 4.38 km2 and will be easily accessible for the 25 million visitors expected to attend, thanks to three international airports, a cutting edge road network, system of underground railway lines specially extended for the event and 700 zero emisssion busses called Expo Riders. 
The site will be divided into three separate thematic districts, each focusing on one of the Expo’s secondary themes – Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability, which will converge on the central square Al Wasi Plaza. As the site’s symbolic hub, this square will host the most imprtant ceremonies, such as the opening and closing of the Expo. Pride of place has been reserved for the United Arab Emirates Pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava. The Expo village will be located just outside the Expo site and will offer approximataly 3,000 suites, 1,500 hotel rooms and a wide range of amenities such as restaurants, bars and shops.
Major investments have been made in the transport sector. The Dubai Metro will be extended to handle up to 46,000 people per hour. Al Maktoum International Airport will be modernised at a cost of 32 billion US dollars. An ultra high speed railway line with magnetically levitating capsules is being designed to run from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (157 km) in 12 minutes and to Riyadh (1,100 km) in 46 minutes. 
There are numerous construction projects more or less directly connected with the Expo, the construction of a huge solar energy plant, which will be installed at Al Maktoum International impact of the vast numbers of visitors coming from abroad.
With all this building work and construction going on, Mapei was bound to be involved. The company has always provided cutting - edge solutions and products for worldwide events. After making an important contribution to the Milan Expo International, Mapei was keen to offer its help and expertise to Dubai Expo.  
Mapei systems are also being used on the Expo site itself - various products for repairing concrete and water proofing have, indeed, already been used in the construction of the Dubai Trade Centre.
Mapei is targeting to supply more solutions from a number of its different product lines for lots of other building projects in the wider Expo site including Dubai South Mall, various Pavillions and infrastructures.