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Author: STC
Article Date: 01.04.2017

World Stone Congress 2017 was held in synergy with the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair held in Xiamen, China,  from 6th to 9th March, 2017.  Various sessions, like "the 8th Global Master Architects Forum on 6th, "Selling Stone with Emotions" and "Product Design with Natural Stone" on 7th  and Educational Sessions on 7th and 8th March, 2017 were held with Launch Out @ Xiamen Stone Fair - Technical Innovation 2017  and Launch out @ Xiamen Stone Fair - New Quarry Collection 2017.   Eminent speakers from across the globe presented their papers on  topics like "Architectural Practice and Contemporary Culture", "Sustainable Natural Stone", "Selling Stone with Emotions", "Product Design with Natural Stone" " Stone Exterior Wall Cladding & Adhered Veneer Systems", "Emerging Markets",  " Natural Stone Promotional Campaign",  "Report and Analysis on China Stone Import-Export in 2016", "Doing Business in the United States", "Discolouration of Natural and Man-made Stone Products" "Natural Stone Pavement Evolution, Pavement Solutions to Face the Traffic of the 21st Century", "How to Make the Plan of Regional Stone Industry" "Understanding ASTM Standards & Stone Testing for Projects in the U.S.; "The Mining Technology for Marble and Granite" Pollution, Treatment and Protection of Organic Artificial Stone" etc. Mr. Jim Hieb  and Mr. Charles Muehlbauer of MIA+BSI; The Natural Stone Institute, Mr.  David Castellucci of Kenneth Castellucci & Associates, Mr. GK Naquin of Stone Interiors, Mr. Herwig Callewier, Beltrami, Buddy Ontra of Ontra Stone,both from USA; Prof. Dr. Gerd Merke of Euroroc, Germany, Mr. K. Vikram Rastogi of Stone Technology Centre Group of Companies, India and  Mr. Kagda Konstanthinidou of Stone Group International, Greece  were among the forty-three speakers who delivered their lectures on various topics in different sessions.  Many speakers, like Mr. Jim Hieb of  MIA+BSI : The Natural Stone Institute, USA, spoke on more than one topic. 
Mr. K. Vikram Rastogi, President, Stone Technology Centre Group of Companies, was the only speaker from India, who was invited to deliver lecture on "Emerging Markets" in Educational Session on 7th March, 2017.  Mr. Rastogi had delivered his lecture  on "Skill Development in Stone Sector in India - A Global Hub" in Educational Seminar in World Stone Congress held in  2015.  Further, in the past he has delivered lectures as Keynote Speaker/Speaker including chairing of technical sessions  in   Global Stone Technology Forum (GSTF) held at Jaipur, India; V. Global Stone Congress held in Antalya, Turkey; The  Congress for Stone Design & Building Technology  held during MS Africa in Cairo, Egypt; The Middle East Stone Show held in Dubai;  First Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition(ACoRCE, 2015) held  in Nairobi, Kenya; Global Stone Technology Forum(GSTF) held in Udaipur, India,  and in a Technical Seminar held during India StoneMart 2017 at Jaipur, India.