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News Date: 01.01.2017

The orbital machine that never loses contact
The modern polishing machines for marble and granite have remarkably improved all marble workers' life, enabling to achieve in few minutes and with constant quality the result reached in the past after long exhausting days of work.  
However, brilliance, absolute uniformity and care of details which are typical of craft masters are still an ambitious goal for whoever works in this field. The qualitative advantage offered by the work achieved manually stands in the repeated and almost random passage of the head on the surface as well as the possibility to accurately work on the perimeter of the material. In this sense, the oscillation of the bridge of a traditional polishing machine that moves different spindles at the same time, exercises some restraints especially when polishing irregular slabs, ending up to unavoidable compromises. 
In order to overcome these limitations in an efficient way, SIMEC presents to the market the polishing machines series ORBITAL, featuring an oscillating and independent movement of each spindle.  As a matter of fact, in the ORBITAL polishing machines there is no more a single oscillating bridge but different bridges on which the spindles move individually on several axes, making movements similar to the ones done during the manual processing and, last but not least, perfectly reaching the edge of the most irregular slabs without having to lift the other heads, making tools spend more time on the material. This very important technological result will allow SIMEC's customers to take advantage of a higher polishing quality.