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Stone+tec expands its Advisory Board to bolster its positio

News Date: 01.01.2016

As of now Stone+tec, the international trade fair for natural stone and stone processing technology, can count on greater professional support from within the sector. On 19 November 2015, the Advisory Board decided to add four new members. “This will ensure that all sectors and trades associated with stone processing can have their interests represented,” explains Beate Fischer, Project Manager for Stone+tec at Nürnberg Messe. The Advisory Board is made up of leading associations and companies and provides advice on the content and organisation of the trade fair.The new Board members are two representatives from the VD (VerbanddeutscherNatursteinVerarbeiter, Association of German Natural Stone Processors), as well as Dr Wolfgang Baumann (Dr. Baumann Group) and Josef Kusser (KusserGranitwerke).
Until now, the Advisory Board for Stone+tec has consisted of representatives of the DNV ( DeutscherNaturwerkstein Verband, Geman Natural Stone Association ) and BIV (BundesverbandDeutscherSteinmetze, Ass ociation of German Stonemasons), as well as the FFN (FachverbandsFliesen und NatursteinimZentralverband des DeutschenBaugewerbes,German Tile nad Natural Stone Association). The companies Akemi, Strassacker, WEHA, SBK Europe and Konig Provided support to the Board as guest members. In the course of a constitutive session, the Board resolved to now include all guests as permanent members. In addition, the board resolved to now include all guests as permanent members. In addition, the board appointed two representatives of the VDNV and Dr Wolfgang Baumann and Josef Kusser to join its ranks.
Thematic diversity and technical depth 
With more than 15,000 trade visitors in 2015, Stone+tec is the most important gathering for the German - speaking natural stone industry and is equally attractive to processors, dealers and machinery and accessory vendors. " The thematic diversity and technical depth of our new Advisory Board will ensure that in the future, Stone+tec will continue to be the key platform for all trades working with stone, " says Beate Fischer, ProjectManager for Stone + tec.
As of now, the Stone+tec Advisory Board consists of the following persons: Joachim Gruter and Reiner Krug(DNV German Natural Stone Association), Sybille Trawinski and Gustav Treulieb (BIV Association of German Stonemasons) , Tobias pehle and Mirko Adam (Vdnv Association of German Natural Stone processors), Dieter Drossel ( Antolini), Dr. Dirk Hamann (AKEMI GmbH), Edith Strassacker and Gunter Czasny ( Ernst Strassacker GmbH & co. KG), Stefan Deschler(WEHA Ludwig Werwein GmbH) and Franziska Petri (J. Koning GmbH & Co.).