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News Date: 01.10.2015

The Veronafiere AGM held in Viale del Lavoro recently elected Maurizio Danese as the new President and a new Board of Directors comprising Barbara Blasevich, Marino Breganze, Guidalberto di Canossa and Claudio Valente.
The Veronafiere AGM held recently elected Maurice Danese as its new President for the period 2015-2018. Alongside Danese, the AGM also elected a new Board of Directors comprising Barbara Blasevich, Marino Breganze, Guidalberto di Canossa and Claudio Valente. 
The AGM deferred discussion of the remaining items on the agenda in order to give the new Board time to take a closer look at the proposals and assessments involving individual decisions which shareholders will be called upon to vote on during the next assembly. 
"I would like to thank shareholders and institutions for their trust in me. It will be well repaid," said President Maurizio Danese. I come into a reality that the Board and the outgoing President kept firmly under control in difficult years, consolidating and even expanding its role as an international player, not only in wine and agro-food sectors, as well as driving force behind the internationalisation of Italian companies and Made in Italy. Veronafiere is a fundamental lever for the economy of Verona: 1.3 million visitors every year generate important allied business. The outgoing Board has left important strategic projects on the discussion table that we will now assess in depth with our shareholders. These decisions cannot ignore the competitive environment in which Veronafiere operates. European and world markets where there is strong impetus towards concentration. The top ten European trade fairs cover 35% of turnover in the market coming to more than 14 billion euros and have more facilities and, especially, more financial resources. Veronafiere has impressive potential and is well set to consolidate its position in this constantly changing market. We will assess development plans very carefully, using the resources that the Government has set aside for trade exhibitions in the special Made in Italy promotion plan. The tools we shall use will be assessed with our shareholders."
Danese was born in 1962 and is a shareholder of a group of companies supplying foodstuffs to the horeca channel; he is Vice-President of the Verona Chamber of Commerce, Deputy President of Confcommercio Verona and President of Confidi Veneto, the credit assurance institute.