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News Date: 01.07.2015

JCB revolutionizes the Indian Construction Industry
JCB India Ltd., India's leading manufacturer of construction equipment unveiled JCB Livelink - an innovative technology which allows the user to remotely monitor the machine.
"JCB Livelink is a feature which has the potential to change the way Indian Construction Machinery Customer operates. JCB Livelink is an advance telematics system which provides information on Service, Operation and Security of machines." said Mr. Vipin Sondhi, Managing Director & CEO, JCB India Ltd. 
JCB Livelink provides alerts on real time location, maintenance alerts, machine and fleet hours etc. putting the user in entire control of the machine from any location. It can assist in ensuring that the machines are operated at correct times and helps to protect them from theft. 
The following Livelink elements are the key to maximize the machine productivity:
Service - Accurate Hours Monitoring leads to improved maintenance planning as machines can be maintained at the most convenient time for your operation
Operation - The Fuel Reporting System enables operators to see actual fuel consumption, improving control of fuel stocks and planning of fuel orders
Security - enables the user to track the location and also receive the tow away alerts
Remotely monitor machine health for any malfunction 
Identify and remove wasteful idle time, improving utilisation and cutting fuel costs
The user can monitor the machine through SMS, Email or by visiting the JCB Livelink site.
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Muzzamil Hussain Sabri observed that the government should focus on resolving marble industry problems on priority basis, as Pakistan has a huge potential to improve marble exports by upgrading technology and value addition of the marble products in the industry.
Pakistan is the 6th largest extractor of marble and granite in the world and its reserves of these stones are estimated at around 297 billion tonnes. However, despite huge size of deposits and long-term export potential, Pakistan has merely 2% share in the global market of marble products, which is negligible.
The ICCI president ellaborated that the marble industry is employing over 30,000 workers but regular power crisis, outdated quarrying techniques, inconsistent supplies of raw materials, lack of value-addition, poor law and order conditions and lack of better infrastructure in quarries and processing areas are major obstacles that need to be addressed to put marble industry on the path of sustainable growth.
He added China, Italy and many other countries are purchasing raw marble products like slabs and blocks from Pakistan and re-export them after value addition around the world, earning much better returns. He said the government should cooperate with the marble industrialists in value addition of marble products that would help in enhancing marble exports significantly.
He also said that with value addition and improved quality, Pakistan could promote exports of finished marble products to Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Russia, USA, Europe and many other countries. ICCI Senior Vice President Shakeel Munir and ICCI Vice President Ashfaq Hussain Chatha said that hundreds of processing units are employing local manufactured machinery and stressed that the government should provide necessary support in upgrading and modernising such machinery to meet international quality standards. They said the process of handling, cutting, storing and transportation facilities should also be improved to enhance exports of the marble products.
They said the current blasting practices in Pakistan are causing huge loss of precious stones, as the standard wastage of marble in the world is 45%, whereas it is 85% in Pakistan. They emphasised that the government should facilitate marble sector businessmen in adopting state-of-the-art mining technologies to avoid losses and achieve better quality of products.