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Author: STC
Article Date: 08.12.2014

Restoration of war and other memorials is a specialised job which Crosby Memorials Ltd. Stonehealth Ltd are doing for over tow decades in UK. There are more than 100,000 war memorials in UK. To mark the centenary of the start of World War 1, restoration of war memorials was begin this year. The task was not easy as it involved technical skill and patience both in restoration work so that monument remain unharmed. Alexandra Park Memorial at Crosby Liverpool had reached a stage which required prompt action before it was too late. For long it remained neglected. It was left to suffer the effects of aging and weathering. The chiseled epitaph was not readable. The restoration work of the memorials, was entrusted to monumental sculptors based in Liverpool.The restoration survey confirmed that the cleaning and necessary redefining of the epitaph message would demand highly sensitive technology and expert masonry craftsmanship to achieve a like-new high quality appearance. Stonehealth's ultra-sensitive DOFF superheated water and steam cleaning system was selected for the work. DOFF is a proven system solution. It cleans stone work and masonry using water/steam at temperatures up to 150oC at the nozal-end, which removes biomaterial as well as dirt. The properly trained DOFF operator is able very and fine-control the temperature and pressure to carefully remove biological matter and other materials such as paint, moss, algae, fungi etc. This stonehealth way has been found safe and very effective. It is a registered RIBA CPD Provider and recognised as an authoritative expert and leading specialist in the provision of holistic restoration solutions for stone and masonry by architects, specifiers and major conservation and environmental organisation.