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Authentic Natural Stone Veneers

Author: STC
Article Date: 27.05.2014

Some people need authenticity. Nothing but the best, even if it means a steeper price. Instead of faux fur they prefer a raw skinned animal  around their neck. Stone veneer connoisseurs are much the same way. Manufactured stones are great but they need the real thing, they need  something that feels alive.Luckily for the natural stone admirers Stone Selex has a solution, we carry both! Stone Selex is proud to introduce a brand new line of  Regional Natural Stone Veneers. These beautiful boulders outshine the competition and breath life into an otherwise lifeless exterior or  interior wall. Our natural stone veneers create an atmosphere wherever  they are placed. And since they are sliced down to about one and a half inch pieces they are light weight and easy to install. Adding a natural stone texture to the exterior of your home will add a  dynamic touch of history. The natural stones breathe sophistication, elegance and taste into the outside walls of any property. Installing natural stones indoors can really make that wood burning fireplace come alive. Natural stones act as a show piece within any space.