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Tooraj Sedighian, (Export and Commercial manager, Kasra San

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.07.2016

Please provide a brief introduction of your company.
Kasra Sang mining & industry group is one of the most famous and well known companies in Iran. At present, We have 20 active stone quarries in the field of travertine , marble , onyx and granite. We have also a modern new factory for professional processing of travertine and marble.
What is the market of your products for India? Do you export to India? Is it blocks, slabs or tiles?
Well, we are interested in exporting slabs, processed material. But when it comes to India the import duty on the procesed material is very high.So the people of India are more interested in importing blocks.But for other countries in Europe we are exporting slabs.
Are you exporting Silver Travertine to India? Is this the only material you export or is there any other material?
Actually silver travertine has different colors. You can check our catalog . There is light and dark variations, straight and wide veins. We are exporting all of these. Because the other material like granite, India is more powerful than Iran.But some Indians are also interested in white travertine.
What about the market of Onyx in India, do you export?
For onyx, there are some Iranian companies who buy from us and export to India.But, directly we do not have any customers.
Does your company participate in international exhibitions?
Yes, apart from the Iranian exhibitions we participate in Marmomacc (Italy), Marble (Turkey) and Xiamen Stone Fair (China). We can also plan to exhibit our products in the Indian Exhibitions.
What about the tools, machines and other consumables. Where do you import these from?
For the machines we use Italian machines like BRETON. All machines in our factory are from BRETON. At the same time we have machines from Turkey. We are also in touch with some Indian people to buy the wire segments. We feel Indians are powerful in this sector.
What is your production capacity?
We have the quarry in the north west of Iran. It is one of the biggest silver travertine quarries in Iran. The factory capacity for the processed material is 600,000 sq m per year. It also depends on the market conditions based on the same we can increase or decrease production.
Talking about the emerging markets which countries are suitable for your products?
We hope to find some customers in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Iraq. We are hoping that the political and business problems of Iran are solved. It will help us better to serve our overseas customers.These are hard times for us, even if we find good customers the important thing is the trust from both sides.As our country faces problems for overseas money transfers lots of our clients cannot make advance payment to us, so we cannot serve them.
Interview with the Production Manager of Baraba Novin, Iran- Design and Manufacturers of Machinery for Stone Processing.
What are the locations of your offices in Iran?
The main office and factory are located in Mahmoodabad industrial park in Isfahan. There is a subsidiary office in Tehran, too.
Kindly describe your company's work profile
All the machinery involved in the production line is manufactured within the company as per the client's need. The largest and the most massive machines chiefly utilized to saw are about 3 meters high. All of these are used for cutting and  polishing for producing slabs and tiles. Basically, processing onyx and decorative stones can be enumerated as our other activity.
What is the factory's production capacity?
About 300 to 400 square meters a day from a large saw machine.
Do you Export your products to other countries?
Domestic markets are satisfying enough. There's no need to export the products of ours abroad. Since we are a big manufacturer of machinery and meet our real target, it's not necessary to have contact with other countries.